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COVID 19 MESSAGE - We are exploring new ideas of continued success as a national talent booking & payroll company of 15 years. We are not going to email an over elaborate email full of a bunch of fancy adjectives to express ourselves which are generic and impersonal. We will make it short and sweet.

1. Console and help anybody that has lost somebody or has gotten ill.

2. Pray within your own faith and listen to those that need to be heard.

3. Be as safe as possible to our current knowledge.

4. Hope this ends ASAP so we can get back to work.

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All Around Talent  is a nationwide talent booking & payroll company that has been in business for 15 years paying out millions to working models & talent.  

We are the original pioneers of our business model in our niche market.  All Around Talent is the nation's leader for talent booking in the hair & beauty industry, however it is not limited to this.  We are a successful network of talent brokers providing clients across the nation with talent booking and payroll services.  We hire models locally within their market. We bring your marketing projects and productions to life throughout the US. Whether its getting an A-lister to endorse your product or perform at your event, having us gather models/actors to attend an audition or model call; All Around Talent can book all your talent needs. This can be in advance OR LAST MINUTE talent.  Of course this is in addition to payroll services. If need be we can also set up a casting location, or event marketing plan while we create your own link on our website to view or listen to talent's auditions. We work with all types of companies/productions from A to Z that are large and small across the country from 1 day to 100 days. We offer personalized service tailored to your needs.  We are not a searchable talent database.  Its personalized service for casting and payroll.  Almost all of our clients re-use our services and refer us out.  


PARTIAL BOOKING HISTORY: P & G, Coty, Disney, Facebook Live, Bridal Shows, Verizon Fios, Chinese Laundry, NASCAR, L'Oreal, Tide, Universal Studios, industrial films, webisodes, radio spots, print ads, Fit Pregnancy,Honey Bunches of Oats, Walmart, Wella & Clairol, numerous tradeshows around the country, Nintendo WII, Levis, Pepsi, and the list goes on. 


EVENT TALENT: Talented staff will help you make a physical connection between your brand and targeted customers much more successful.  Hiring event talent is one of the most important decisions in successful event flow.  Whether your event is one market, or a nationwide campaign, we have a talent booking solution to fit you and your budget! We only work with established businesses. We do not book talent for individuals. We are most experience in trade shows for all types of talent for exhibitors at every convention center nationwide.  Additionally we are well known for booking hair models for events, training videos, and print ads.

PRINT & INDUSTRIAL VIDEO MODELS: We provide models of all levels for print ads, video tutorials, industrials, in store marketing, billboards, etc.  

VOICE OVER TALENT: UNION OR NON-UNION voice over projects, for tv commercials, radio spots, narration, jingles, etc.  Clients may request sides to be recorded or demo reels of talent.  Clients will be provided with a direct link to audition reads or reels to view/hear talent. 

ON CAMERA TALENT:  This is our boutique casting department for all forms of on camera talent.  Clients may request scenes to be performed or video samples of talent. All Around Talent will also help you secure a casting location for your project or production if needed. Clients may also choose to use view demos or auditions taped.  All services are personalized.

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